The Taoist Kongfu Schoo is located in the Wudang Mountains, which is the UNESCO Heritage and 5A-grande ,with authentic traditionalinstruction, quality and fully 
functional amenities, which can give the students anoptimal place to study martial arts and Taoist healthcultivation.Master Chen Li Sheng 陈理圣 (Taoist 
nameLin Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the instructor of this school, he also is the 15th generationdisciple of Wudang XuanWusect and graduate degree holder from Chinese
Taoist Academy. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang  in 1997,the studied under the grand master You Xuan De (游玄德),who is the expert in Wudang Taichi, Wudang 
Elixir Sword, the secret in WudangFree palms ( Xiao Yao Zhang 逍遥掌), andTaoist healthcultivation techniques, from and will boxing, Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua) 
steps and  Five Animal Qi Gong.Wudang internal martial arts focus onconditioning the body and the miand, use traditional techniques and philosophy.600 years 
ago Zhang San Feng as the founder, who hadcreated the Wudang style in this mountain range. Thesepreserving health and self-defence skills has been praised by
 several Emperor in theancient Chinese history.Everystudent of Wuji Gungfu School will experience the benefits of Wudang martial arts. If you are interested 
in Taoisthealth cultivation or internal martial arts, we are welcome you with open arms!Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Qiong Tai, Wudang shan, Shiyan, 
Hubei, China(School betweenQiongtai hotel N.O2 and 3 building) TEL:86+18772856328 (WeChat)or




Time table:morning training:6:00 -- 7:30   morning lesson: 9:30---11:30lesson in the afternoon: 14:30 -- 17:30      night training: 19:00 -- 20:30      
Wednesday is day off , student can prepare your own schedule。


Room Daily Monthly Annually Notes
Premium Single Room 600 RMB/person/day 12500 RMB/person/month 72000 RMB/person/year
1:the fee is for our Academy to renting the rooms from hotel,it including the meal,accommodation and the lessons;student need to prepare their own articles for everyday use;
2:The student who will study in Academy for more than 3 months(not including 3 months) should bring your own bedding (sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase);
3:the uniform are not including。The students need to wear the school uniform for training: linen training uniform X 2,training shoes X 1,T-shirt X 1  total are 600RMB;
4:For the Chinese culture lesson,if student interest can buy the calligraphy tools from Academy bring you own set from home;
5:Live the the Qiong Tai 4 star hotel (has room cleaning service) is 12500 per month for single room,9000 per month for standard double room (must 2 people check in together), these will including the the meal,accommodation,lessons,uniform and study tools。
Standard Double Room 350 RMB/person/day9 9000 RMB/person/month 50000 RMB/person/year
Comfort Triple Room 260 RMB/person/day 6000 RMB/person/month 40000 RMB/person/year
Economy Quintuple Room 200 RMB/person/day 4000 RMB/person/month 30000 RMB/person/year

Contact Us

  • TEL:1799803280 (WeChat)
  • MASTER CHEN:13886829928(WeChat)
  • Master Chen:13886829928 ·
  • Office: Mrs Tian 18772856328