Wudang sect

Wudang mountain was named Taihe mountain when the time of ancient China, by the time
of Ming Dynasty the mountain was won undivided admiration from the Chinese imperial
family and the grand master Zhang San Feng, it had revered as “Tai Yue” and become the
top of other five great mountain. In Tang Dynasty, in the book of 《The record of promised
主要经典,奉真武为“玄天上帝”,奉张三丰为祖师。主张三教合 一,尊真武为“三教祖师”,
land and mountain》, had mark the Wudang mountain as the 9th from 72 promised land.
重修内丹,演习武当武术,尊真武为“万法教主 ”。此派古称“真武玄武派”。因为,武当山
From the local of Wudang they also call the mountain as “the room has god lives in”, the
 Wudang also as the beginning of Taoist culture, that join the Daoist history there has
different type of Daoist ideology and Gongfu come into Wudang, then Wudang came an
area that has diversified Taoist culture. Wudang Xuanwu sect using the 《Zhen wu lection》
as the main scripture, they believe in Zhenwu (god), and Zhang san feng as the
founder. The Daoist advocated that the three ideology which as “Yu” “Shi(Buddhism)” 
“Dao” should syncretism for inprove and perfect. Zhenwu also is the “founder of three

ideology” and “Master of thousands laws”, he emphases on inner alchemy and Wudang Kungfu.
“Zhenwu Xuanwu sect” is the olden name of Xuanwu sect. Because the Wudang mountain is the
place that shrine of the Xuanwu, therefore the earliest sect in Wudang mountain is Xuanwu sect.
The original name of Wudang mountain were Taihe mountain, Sanshang mountain and Weihuo
mountain, the Xuanwu(god) is the god of water, in the Chinese element that water extinguishes
fire, so the Wudang mountain has the meaning as “insufficient when only Zhenwu”. Because of
the power of Xuanwu, Wudang mountain has become more famous, and then Wudang mountain
had became the synonym for Xuanwu. When the Xuanwu sect up to the 12th generation the had
Wudang has emerged, then large number of Taoist wew converted to Wudang sect, then Xuanwu
sect had tarnsitorily disappear. After that there has many master coming out in Wudang,
accordingly some other Gongfu sect had come out, for example “Wudang Qingwei sect”,
“Wudang Sanfeng sect”, Wudang Xuanwu 13th successor: President Wang Guang De”Wudang
langmei sect”, Wudang Sanfeng sect”, “Wudang Longmen sect” and a dozens different sects.

After Chinese economic reform, the religion policy has been implemented. The smriti of
Wudang each sect can be continue, for all the Wudang sects can work and stay together in
peace,also for the Wudang Daoist Association can easily manage them.In 9th Sept 1989,
字宗谱之后 ,又续四十字,同时在太和、紫宵二宫举行了传派仪式。
Wang Guang De the leader of Wudang Taoist Association had change the sect name as
“Wudang Xuanwu sect”, also add 40 more words in to the 20 words genealogy book, the
inheritance ceremony were at Purple cloud temple and Taihe temple.

Master Chen

Wudang first Chinese Taoist master’s degree
15th generation disciple of Wudang Xuan Wu sect
Inheritor of Wudang internal boxing
Expert of Taoist culture research
Expert of Taoist Kungfu and health


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