Wudang Taiji 9 Steps Course


“Practice the routines without practice the basic skills, you will never get anywhere.” Many people does not achieve profound taiji kungfu because they do not practice the basic skills. We uphold the spirit of Wudang sect, set up this special taiji one-week internal skills course from 1st -7th in order for a true taiji lover to learn the real taiji kungfu.

Course Duration: One week, 1st - 7th March (pick-up study available)
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 18772856328 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥4,800 per pax
Standard room: ¥3,600 per pax
Triple room: ¥2,800 per pax
Dorm room: ¥2,000 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Bedding is provided.)
Course content:
Theory classes:
1. Classics reading and learning: the classics related to the practices of Neidan (inner elixir) and Taichi written by our founder master Zhang Sanfeng and his disciples.
2. The study of Taoist philosophy, knowledge of Qigong, Theory of Meridians and Collaterals and Theory of Force in order for students to understand the body structures. When the students understand the basis of how the practice works, he/she can practices with a clear mind of why, how and what (the processes and outcomes).
3. The three methods of practicing Taichi internal kungfu: stance exercise, sitting meditation and sleeping meditation (the posture and mental process)(to be practice throughout the course and is highly recommended to be continue practicing after students going home).
4. Taichi basic skills: distinguishes of “lift-descend”, “open-close”, “empty-solid”, horse stance, single-leg stance, taichi walking. Five steps (bow step, horse step, empty step, crouch step, rest step), hand exercise, waist exercise, guidance (daoyin)
Wudang Taiji 9 Steps:
This routine is the simplified form of Wudang Taiji which included the Wuji stance, Taiji ball, rotating of Yin and Yang, and Taiji eight rules. The routine expresses the concept of the Taoist philosophy and includes the theory of Meridians, guidance techniques, breathing qigong, human body mechanics, Sunzi’s Art of War etc. The practicing of Taiji 9 not only can improves our internal strength but also good for health preserving; it helps to build the foundation for taiji, we learn how to cohere our postures, spirit, intention and Qi together, which in Taoist term as “the unification of heaven and man”.  
Form Name: 
Preparatory: Wuji stance 预备式:无极体
1. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归田
2. Embrace the Yin and Yang 怀抱阴阳
3. Parting the wild horse’s manes 野马分鬃
4. Grasp peacock’s tail 揽雀尾
5. Pluck peach under the leaf 叶底摘桃
6. Jade dragon shakes it’s scale  玉龙抖鳞
7. Taoist locks the door 道人拴门
8. Push mountain into sea 推山填海
9. Vitality of Dao last forever 道气长存
Closing 收式

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Master Chen

Chen Lisheng 陈理圣---Taoist name Ling Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the 15th generation descendant of Wudang XuanWu sect , disciple of Master You Xuande (游玄德) and graduate degree holder from Chinese Taoist Academy in Beijing. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang in the end of 1996 and has practised Wudang Martial Arts and Taoist health cultivation for more than 20 years. He specializes in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, XiaoYaoZhang (Wudang Free palms), Baguazhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) , Xingyi Quan ,Wudang Five Elements Qigong (Five Animals ) and Taoist health cultivation techniques .