Wudang Taoist Five Elements Health Preserving Qigong Class


The objective of setting up this class is to introduce a systematic and completed Taoist health preserving techniques (both theoretical and practical ways) to the public in a time frame that fits their busy schedule. This enable the students to spend a little bit of time with an affordable fees to study the systematic Taoist health cultivation methods.  

Course Duration:   1st  - 12th October (pick-up study available).
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 18772856328 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥7,800 per pax
Standard room: ¥5,800 per pax
Triple room: ¥4,600 per pax
Dorm room: ¥3,000 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Bedding is provided.)
Course content:
Wudang Taoist Five Elements (Wuxing) Health Preserving Qigong

This routine also called the Wudang Five Animals. It is a kind of Qigong which its movements are based on five kinds of animals, which are turtle, snake, crane, tiger and dragon. The movements imitate from the five animals to achieve the purpose of build up our bone, physical body, tendon, essence, vitality and spirit.These five animals also represent the five elements (water, metal, fire, earth, wood) and this five elements correspond to five parts of our body (kidney, lung, heart,spleen, liver). Each animals have 9 steps, there is a total of 45 steps for the complete routine.
Form Name: 
Turtle Form Name
1. Opening 起式
2. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归元    
3. Gather Qi together 浑元一气
4. Overlord lifts the cauldron 霸王举鼎
5. Finding root under the ground 伏地寻根   
6. Turtle clasps the moon 玄龟揽月
7. Golden turtle plays with water 金龟戏水
8. Golden turtle exhales 金龟吐丹    
9. Closing 收式
Snake Form Name
1. Opening 起式
2. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归元
3. Rotating the universe 旋转乾坤
4. Golden snake coils the willow 金蛇缠柳
5. White snake outs of the hole 白蛇出洞  
6. White snake enters the hole 白蛇入洞
7. Green snake prostrates 青蛇伏地     
8. Python turnover 大蟒翻身
9. Closing 收式
Crane Form Name
1. Opening 起式
2. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归元
3. Crane flies from left and right 左右飞鹤
4. Crane shows its wings 仙鹤亮翅
5. Crane plays in the water 仙鹤戏水
6. Crane stands at the peak 鹤立岩峰
7. Crane raise up 仙鹤欲升
8. Closing 收式
Tiger Form Name
1. Opening 起式
2. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归元  
3. Tiger washes up 寅虎洗漱
4. Tiger listens to wind 伏虎听风  
5. Fierce tiger pouches for food 猛虎扑食    
6. Standing tiger observes quietly 立虎静观
7. Fierce tiger swallows food 猛虎咽食
8. Fierce tiger looks back 猛虎回头  
9. Closing 收式
Dragon Form Name
1. Opening 起式
2. Guiding Qi to its original place 引气归元
3. Black dragon clawing 乌龙探爪
4. Two dragons plays with ball 双龙戏珠  
5. Dragon swings its tail 神龙摆尾
6. Dragon coils the pearl 盘龙绞珠
7. Soaring dragon teases phoenix 游龙戏凤
8. Dragon dives into sea 蛟龙入海
9. Closing 收式
The benefits of practicing Wudang Five Animals

· Improve respiratory system: When one grow older, the function of the acquired respiration will gradually declines. The length of breath will gradually shorthen from nostril to Dantian, till to the chest or throat. When the breath in the throat is gone, it means the person is exhausted. Wudang Five Animals developed on the basis of traditional guidance and breathing skills. It advocates to “use the intention to guide the Qi; and the Qi circulate the whole body”.Practicing of this routine helps to regulate our breath, make it natural, lengthy, slow and constant. Thus, it helps to prolong life and live to a green old age.

· Improve blood circulation system: The movements of the routine is slow and gentle. It stimulates the blood circulation of our body and good for our cardiovascular system.

· Improve the function of nervous system: The nervous system is the hub that regulates and governs the activities of all systems and organs. Human rely on the nervous system to adapt to external environment and to control the various systems and organs in accordance with their needs. Therefore, any kind of exercises that can enhance the function of central nervous system is significance to maintaining physical health.

· Improve digestive system: A better nervous system can improves the functioning of other systems, prevents and treats certain digestive system’s diseases (disorders of digestion, secretion and absorption) which caused by the dysfunction of the nervous system. Breathing exercise plays a mechanical role in stimulating the gastrointestinal tract and improving the blood circulation in the digestive tract. Therefore, it can promotes digestion and prevent constipation.

· Cultivate “Essence”, “Qi”, “Spirit”: In our daily life, our consciousness is often in a fluctuating state, our heart is seldom calm down. We always consume our essence, Qi and spirit through using of our eyes, mouth , ears, emotions and desires. According to founder master Zhang Sanfeng “ when a person’s mind is not calm, his/her spirit is consumed; when a person’s essence is wasted a lot, his/her will be exhausted”. If mind is not calm, then Qi will not gather, spirit will not concentrate. If spirit and Qi is not coherent; heart and kidney will not interact; the fire and water is not mutually assist; the heaven and earth is separate; Yin and Yang is not integrate; then the energy (Qi) cannot be produce. When a person be in tranquility state, the consume of essence, Qi and spirit will be minimize, neutral or even positively gain.
In conclusion, Wudang Five Animals is a kind of relax and gentle exercises. It helps to promote functionality of central nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system; reduce the blockage of the body, improve digestive system, and metabolism. Besides strengthen physical fitness, it is a good complementary therapies for high blood pressure, ulcer disease, heart disease, tuberculosis etc.

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Master Chen

Chen Lisheng 陈理圣---Taoist name Ling Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the 15th generation descendant of Wudang XuanWu sect , disciple of Master You Xuande (游玄德) and graduate degree holder from Chinese Taoist Academy in Beijing. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang in the end of 1996 and has practised Wudang Martial Arts and Taoist health cultivation for more than 20 years. He specializes in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, XiaoYaoZhang (Wudang Free palms), Baguazhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) , Xingyi Quan ,Wudang Five Elements Qigong (Five Animals ) and Taoist health cultivation techniques .