Xingyi Boxing Course

 Course Duration: 16th - 30th January  (Pick-up study available)
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 13872772706 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥7,500 per pax
Standard room: ¥5,100 per pax
Triple room: ¥4,500 per pax
Dorm room: ¥3,600 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Bedding is provided.)
Course Structure:
1. Wuji stance & trinity stance
2. Sitting meditation
3. Five Elements boxing: chopping, crushing, drilling, exploding, crossing
4. Xingyi Dragon-Tiger Linked Boxing
Course Content:
Xingyi boxing is good for health preservation. If practice persistently, it helps to fight the disease and the weak will become stronger. Both men and women, old and young, can practice it. There is no pain of bending the knee and waist and no danger of jumping high; it can be practice in a small space and with casual dressing.
To practice the boxing, one should not be obsessive and stubborn; the force will be stagnant if too devote to it; the body will be ponderous if too devote to heavyness; the Qi will be unsmooth if too devote to it; the spirit will be distract if too devote to lightness.
The Essentials of Xingyi Boxing:
1. Relax waist
2. Sink shoulder
3. Contain chest
4. Hold
5. Lift
6. Know the power
7. Distinguish among up and down, twist and turn
Three Harms to be Avoid:
1. Brute force
2. Breath-hold
3. Lift chest and abdomen
Three Breathing Levels:
1. Let the breath take its course. It is visible from outside, regulate the breath, the stage of cultivating essence (Jing) and transform it to vitality (Qi).
2. It is visible from inside, breath regulated, the stage of cultivating vitality (Qi) and transform it to spirit (Shen).
3. Internal breathing which heart and kidney interacted. It is invisible, continuous, vague and silent. It is also called embryonic breath, the stage of cultivating spirit (Shen) and return to emptiness.
Three Stages of Kungfu:
1. Clear- to- see force: change in bone (external)
2. Hidden force: change in tendon
3. Dispersing force: change in marrow (internal)
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Address: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Qiong Tai Scenic Area, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China

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