Wudang Xuanwu Stick Course

Course Duration: 14th - 29th December (Pick-up study available)
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 18772856328 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥9,600 per pax
Standard room: ¥7,200 per pax
Triple room: ¥5,600 per pax
Dorm room: ¥3,600 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Bedding is provided.)
Course Arrangement:
Registration on 14th Dec, an orientation dinner at 5.30p.m.. Study time from 15th- 29th Dec (half month class).
Course Content:
Wudang Mountain is the monasteries for Xuanwu God. The emergence and development of Wudang martial art is influenced by Taoist philosophy and cultures, it particularly stressed on peace of mind, sink of Qi, concentration of mind and smooth flow of power.
Wudang Xuanwu stick is the stick work that used to quell and protect the temples. It is one of the Wudang esoteric internal martial art kungfu. In Chinese martial art, a proverb saying “stick hits a crowd; spear thrusts a line”. The routine is simple and clear, the power is intangible, the movements seem light and gentle but when it attacks people the power is like a flood, overwhelming and irresistible.
When practicing, the movements are agile like a snake, steady like a turtle, and fast and forceful like a tiger. The basic skills of this routine are split, point, draw, hang, cloud, sweep, block, fend off. The body and the stick must be coordinated well, force must be integrated, and clear alternation between yin and yang.
Form Name:
Opening: Purple air comes from the east 紫气东来
1. A column of incense heavenward 朝天一柱香
2. Immortal opens up mountain 仙人开山
3. Dragonfly touches the water 蜻蜓点水
4. Lift clothes to walk 行步撩衣
5. Green dragon emerges from water 青龙出水
6. Wasps out of the hive 黄蜂出洞
7. Shooting stars chase moon 流星赶月
8. Goose falls on ground 雁落平川
9. White snake spits its tongue 白蛇吐信
10. Lion turns its head 狮子回头
11. Sweep away thousand troops 横扫千军
12. Lift clothes to walk 行步撩衣
13. Seven stars points to one 七星朝斗
14. Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger 降龙伏虎
15. Dragon appears from the sea 蛟龙出海
16. Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger 降龙伏虎
17. Black tiger sits in cave 黑虎坐洞
18. Wind rolls up the cloud 风卷残云
19. Wind sways the lotus leaf 风摆荷叶
20. Black dragon wags its tail 乌龙摆尾
21. Wasps out of the hive 黄蜂出洞
22. Magpie perches on branch 喜鹊登枝
23. Wind rolls up the cloud 风卷残云
24. Wind sways the lotus leaf 风摆荷叶
25. White ape offers fruit 白猿献果
26. Turtle gazes at the moon 神龟望月
27. Carry the mountain 二郎担山
28. Golden turtle plays with water 金龟戏水
29. Wind rolls up the cloud 风卷残云
30. Flower hides under leaf 叶底藏花
31. Black tiger sits in cave 黑虎坐洞
32. Old tree twists roots 古树盘根
33. White snake spits its tongue 白蛇吐信
34. Wasps out of the hive 黄蜂出洞
35. Rein at the cliff 悬崖勒马
36. Two dragons play with pearl 二龙戏珠
37. Phoenix spreads its wings 凤凰展翅
38. Kuixing star points to bucket 魁星点斗
39. White ape offers fruit 白猿献果
40. Sweep the grass to look for snake 拨草寻蛇
41. White crane flies up 白鹤飞升
42. Black dragon wags its tail 乌龙摆尾
43. Sweep away the demons 扫荡群魔
44. Look back at the moon 回头望月
45. Overlord lifts the cauldron 霸王举鼎
46. Rabbit kicks the eagle 兔子蹬鹰
47. Golden rooster stretches its wings 金鸡散膀
48. Crane stands among chickens 鹤立鸡群
49. Black tiger patrols the mountain 黑虎巡山
50. Five dragons pilgrimage 五龙朝圣
51. Lift incense to honor the ancestors 举香敬祖

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Master Chen

Chen Lisheng 陈理圣---Taoist name Ling Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the 15th generation descendant of Wudang XuanWu sect , disciple of Master You Xuande (游玄德) and graduate degree holder from Chinese Taoist Academy in Beijing. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang in the end of 1996 and has practised Wudang Martial Arts and Taoist health cultivation for more than 20 years. He specializes in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, XiaoYaoZhang (Wudang Free palms), Baguazhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) , Xingyi Quan ,Wudang Five Elements Qigong (Five Animals ) and Taoist health cultivation techniques .