Wudang Esoteric Xiaoyao (Carefree) Palm Course逍遥掌10月

October 2019 Wudang Esoteric Xiaoyao (Carefree) Palm Course
Course Duration: 16th - 30th October 2019 (Pick-up study available)
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 13872772706 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥7,500 per pax
Standard room: ¥5,100 per pax
Triple room: ¥4,500 per pax
Dorm room: ¥3,600 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Bedding is provided.)
Course Arrangement:
Registration on 15th Oct, an orientation dinner at 5.30p.m.. Study time from 16th- 30th Oct (half month class). 23th and 30th Oct are travelling time at Wudang mountain. Completion on 30th Oct.    
Course Content:
Wudang wushu focuses on breathing exercise (Tuna) and guidance (Daoyin), highlights the practice of internal strength. The process of breathing is the process of practicing internal strength. Practicing of routine helps to guide the Qi acquired during standing and sitting meditation to flow through the whole body and create the continuous circulation internally.
Taiyi Xiaoyao Palm is one of the esoteric Wudang kungfu. It is not only for self cultivation but also help to strengthen physical body and for self defense. The routine combines the theory of Yin and Yang, five elements, Bagua and nine-grid. It expresses the philosophical thinking of “Zhuangzi” and the concept in <A Happy Excursion>. The techniques includes separating tendon, capturing vessels, attacking accupoints and grappling. The style of this routine is like a stone sunk into the sea and a group of cranes flying. It is generously stretch, steady and elegant, refreshing, flowing naturally, yet showing the Taoist spiritual style.
Wudang esoteric Xiaoyao Palm achieves the state of carefree through practicing the movements. It is a routine that profoundly reflects Taoist ideology. It emphasizes on natural law of our body, the alternate of dynamic and static, unity of body and spirit, free and easy. The boxing scriptures says: move like a snake; static like a mountain; devote to pivot, and advocate to the idea of ‘create something out of nothing’.
One must have a good internal strength so that through breathing and routine practices enable them to return to the innate state. When these happened, the Qi inside the body will be enrich, the channels will flow smoothly, thus the internal Qi can circulate continuously and without any blockage. When the internal and external strength is fully accomplished then carefree state is achievable.        
There are a total of 37 steps, from “Purple air comes from the east” to “Gather Qi and circulate internally”. There are some Taoist term in the form name such as “Two immortals preaching”, “Woodcutter asks for direction”; and also taken from Wudang Taoist legends such as : “Snake and sparrow strikes for food”, “Black tiger enters the cave”; and the description of natural scene such as “Moon knocks on mountain door”, “Rising sun at Mount Wudang” etc.
Form Name: (37 Steps)
1. Purple air comes from the east 紫气东来
2. Black tiger patrols the mountain 黑虎巡山
3. Two dragons play with pearl 二龙戏珠
4. Waterwheel turning (left) 河车搬运左
5. Waterwheel turning (right) 河车搬运右
6. Sweep the grass to look for snake 拨草寻蛇
7. Two immortals preaching 二仙传道
8. Old tree twists roots 古树盘根
9. Crane spreads its wings 仙鹤展翅
10. Swallow takes the water 燕子抄水
11. White snake spits its tongue 白蛇吐信
12. Three body parts sink down 三盘落地
13. Hungry tiger pounces for food 饿虎扑食
14. Magpie perches on branch 喜鹊登枝
15. Graft flowers on a tree 移花接木
16. Heavenly king holds pagoda 天王托塔
17. Woodcutter asks for direction 樵夫问路
18. Green dragon emerges from water青龙出水
19. Dispel clouds and see the sun 拨云见日
20. Graft flowers on a tree 移花接木
21. Wind sways the lotus leaf 风摆荷叶
22. White ape guards the cave 白猿守洞
23. Row with the waves 顺水推舟
24. Snake and sparrow strikes for food 蛇雀争食
25. Thread a needle 穿针引线
26. Yellow dragon circles the pillar 黄龙绕柱
27. Immortal Zhenwu reflects light 祖师映光
28. Rising sun at Mount Wudang 太和晓日
29. Moon knocks on mountain door 月敲山门
30. Sweep away the demons 横扫群魔
31. Black tiger enters the cave 黑虎入洞
32. Waves crash onto beach 陆海奔潮
33. Hide the spirit 涵机藏神
34. Eight immortals cross the sea 八仙过海
35. Flower hides under leaf 叶底藏花
36. Thunder and fire refine the temple雷火炼殿
37. Gather Qi and circulate internally 浑元周天
Office: 13872772706 (Wechat) Master Chen: 13886829928 (Wechat)
Chinese Website: www.wudangwuji.com English Website: www.daoistgonfu.com
Address: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Qiong Tai Scenic Area, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China

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Master Chen

Wudang first Chinese Taoist master’s degree
15th generation disciple of Wudang Xuan Wu sect
Inheritor of Wudang internal boxing
Expert of Taoist culture research
Expert of Taoist Kungfu and health


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