Taiji Hundred Days Foundation Course 百日筑基

Taiji Hundred-Day Foundation Course
Course Duration: Anytime, the duration is 100 days.
Course Venue: Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
Contact: 13872772706 (Phone & Wechat)
Course Fees: (Based on different room types)
Single room: ¥40,600 per pax
Standard room: ¥30,600 per pax 
Triple room: ¥20,600 per pax
Dorm room: ¥12,600 per pax
(Course fees included meals, accommodation, tuition fee, a set of uniform, EXCLUDED Wudang Mountain entrance ticket. Students should bring along their own personal toiletries. Students who study more than three months should bring along their own bedding set (bed sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase).)
Course Content:
Hundred-day foundation building: The course combined both static and dynamic practices. Every term lasts for 100 days. There are at least two hours of theoretical and cultures study plus practical study of not less than five hours.
The practices of neidan (inner elixir) kungfu can be divided into three stage; the first stage is accumulate essence and Qi; the second stage is opening and dredging of orifices and; the third stage is foundation building and self refining. During the first stage, it is required to be stoicism; close the outer three treasures (eyes, ears, mouth) to cultivate inner three treasures (essence, energy, spirit). Besides, it is also encouraged to read the classics and scriptures to learn the previous experiences of predecessors.
“Concentration (the spirit) and breath regulation, breath regulation and concentration”, this is the direction to put in effort, stage by stage and continuously. Concentration means keep your heart clear and pure and concentrate into it. When the heart is not pure, do not simply close your eyes, you must tell and guide yourself to be calm and peace. The feeling of concentration is like sitting at the peak and overlook at the mountains and waters; like light up a sky lantern and spread the light to the land.
Breath regulation is to calm the mind and breath naturally, “I just guard it, and add a light to it”, that’s all. When you practice it seriously, it just like a solid wall, prevents the house from collapse, this is what we called foundation building. This kind of mind training and character building is the way to practice neidan (inner elixir).  
Course Structures:
Major issues to be solved:
1. Posture: How to build the cauldron?
2. Mental process: How to calm your mind?
3. Breathing: How to regulate your breath?
Practical solutions:
1. Taoist breathing exercise (Six Healing Sounds)
2. Taoist guidance (Eight-section Brocades)
3. Taiji eight rules/methods
4. Five footwork
5. Wuji stance practices
6. Neidan (inner elixir) sitting meditation
7. Taiji 9 steps
8. Taoist Five Animals
Theory Classes:
1. Classics reading and learning: the classics related to the practices of Neidan (inner elixir) and Taichi written by our founder master Zhang Sanfeng and his disciples.
2. The study of Taoist philosophy, knowledge of Qigong, Theory of Meridians and Collaterals and Theory of Force in order for students to understand the body structures. When the students understand the basis of how the practice works, he/she can practices with a clear mind of why, how and what (the processes and outcomes).
3. The three methods of practicing Taichi internal kungfu: stance exercise, sitting meditation and sleeping meditation (the posture and mental process)(to be practice throughout the course and is highly recommended to be continue practicing after students going home)
4. Taichi basic skills: distinguishes of “lift-descend”, “open-close”, “empty-solid”, horse stance, single-leg stance, taichi walking. Five steps (bow step, horse step, empty step, crouch step, rest step), hand exercises, waist exercises, guidance (daoyin)

Wudang Taiji 9 Steps:
This routine is the simplified form of Wudang Taiji which included the Wuji stance, Taiji ball, rotating of Yin and Yang, and Taiji eight rules. The routine expresses the concept of the Taoist philosophy and includes the theory of Meridians, guidance techniques, breathing qigong, human body mechanics, Sunzi’s Art of War etc. The practicing of Taiji 9 not only can improves our internal strength but also good for health preserving; it helps to build the foundation for taiji, we learn how to cohere our postures, spirit, intention and Qi together, which in Taoist term as “the unification of heaven and man”.   
Wudang Taoist Five Elements (Wuxing) Health Preserving Qigong
This routine also called the Wudang Taoist Five Animals. It is a kind of Qigong which its movements are based on five kinds of animals, which are turtle, snake, crane, tiger and dragon. These five animals also represent the five elements (water, metal, fire, earth, wood) and this five elements correspond to five parts of our body (kidney, lung, heart,spleen, liver). The movements imitate from the five animals to achieve the purpose of build up our bone, physical body, tendon, essence, vitality and spirit. Each animals have 9 steps, there is a total of 45 steps for the complete routine.
The five phases of health preserving, kungfu and inner elixir cultivation:
1. Self foundation building筑基炼己: In this stage, the taiji system in our body is built, which means the Yin and Yang correspond to Taiji, or the Wuji become Taiji. It promote the endless vitality that helps to maintain human life and for health preserving.
2. Cultivating essence (Jing) and transform it to vitality (Qi)炼精化气: The Qi penetrate into the bones and make the bones getting stronger. It helps to solve the aging problems of our waist and legs and on the other hand, integrated and external force will be gained.
3. Cultivating vitality (Qi) and transform it to spirit (Shen)炼气化神: The Qi penetrate into the meridians and collateral channels. It helps to solve the deficiency of blood and Qi and blockage of meridians. Our organs will get nourishes. In this stage, the person will gain the inner force of taiji.
4. Cultivating spirit (Shen) and return to emptiness炼神还虚: Achieve the level of “three flowers gathering at top”, “five Qi toward the source”, “nine turns to restore elixir”, the Qi penetrate into marrow and the whole body is throughoutly remould. In this stage, the person will gain the dispersed force of taiji.
5. Cultivating emptiness and correspond to Dao炼虚合道: Become a mysterious and unfathomable sage or immortal.

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Master Chen

Wudang first Chinese Taoist master’s degree
15th generation disciple of Wudang Xuan Wu sect
Inheritor of Wudang internal boxing
Expert of Taoist culture research
Expert of Taoist Kungfu and health


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