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About us

The Taoist Kongfu School is located in the Wudang Mountains, which is the UNESCO Heritage and 5A-grande ,
with authentic traditional instruction, quality and fully functional amenities, which can give the students an
optimal place to study martial arts and Taoist health cultivation.Master Chen Li Sheng 陈理圣(Taoist name Lin Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the instructor of this school, he also is the 15th generation disciple of Wudang XuanWu sect and graduate degree holder from Chinese Taoist Academy. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang  in the end of 1996,
studied under the grand master You Xuan De (游玄德),who is the expert in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, the secret in Wudang Free palms ( Xiao Yao Zhang 逍遥掌), and
Taoist health cultivation techniques, from and will boxing, Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua) steps and  Five Animal Qi Gong.

Wudang internal martial arts focus on conditioning the body and the mind, use traditional techniques and philosophy.
600 years ago Zhang Sanfeng as the founder, who had created the Wudang style in this mountain range. These
preserving health and self-defence skills has been praised by several Emperor in the ancient Chinese history.Every
student of Wuji Gungfu School will experience the benefits of Wudang martial arts. If you are interested in Taoist
health cultivation or internal martial arts, we are welcome you with open arms! 

 Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy, Qiong Tai, Wudang shan, Shiyan, Hubei, China(School between
Qiongtai hotel N.O2 and 3 building)

 Master Chen:        13886829928(Tel& Wechat)         E-mail : 294571951@qq.com

 Office: Mrs Tian:    18772856328 (Tel&Wechat)            E-mail:1799803280@qq.com


Master Chen

Chen Lisheng 陈理圣---Taoist name Ling Xu Zi 灵虚子) is the 15th generation descendant of Wudang XuanWu sect , disciple of Master You Xuande (游玄德) and graduate degree holder from Chinese Taoist Academy in Beijing. Master Chen came to M.T Wudang in the end of 1996 and has practised Wudang Martial Arts and Taoist health cultivation for more than 20 years. He specializes in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, XiaoYaoZhang (Wudang Free palms), Baguazhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) , Xingyi Quan ,Wudang Five Elements Qigong (Five Animals ) and Taoist health cultivation techniques .