About the School

The Taoist Wuji Kungfu School is located in the Wudang Mountains, a UNESCO Heritage Site and 5A-grade national park. The idyllic training grounds, along with authentic traditional instruction, quality service and fully functional amenities, make our school the optimal place to study martial arts and Taoist health cultivation.

The School’s instructor is Master Chen Li Sheng 陈理圣 (Taoist name Lin Xu Zi 灵虚子), a fifteenth-generation disciple of the Wudang Xuanwu Sect and who holds a graduate degree from the Chinese Taoist Academy. Master Chen came to Mt. Wudang in 1997, where he studied under Grandmaster You Xuan De (游玄德). He is an expert in Wudang Taichi, Wudang Elixir Sword, the secret Wudang Freedom Palms (Xiao Yao Zhang) and Taoist health cultivation techniques, Xingyi, Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua), and Five Animals.

Wudang internal martial arts focus on conditioning the body and the mind through traditional techniques and philosophy. Its founder, Zhang San Feng, created the Wudang style in these very mountains 600 years ago. Throughout its long and rich history, it has been praised by several Emperors for preserving health and self-defence.

Every student of Wuji Gongfu School will experience the benefits of Wudang martial arts. If you are interested in Taoist health cultivation or internal martial arts, we welcome you with open arms!

Our Goals and Duties:

  1. Restore the body’s deficiencies and improve overall health
  2. Strengthen tendons and bones to gain strength
  3. Open the Meridians to gain inner power
  4. Clean the marrows
  5. Adhere to the Tao

10 Prohibitions:

  1. Inconsistency
  2. Vanity
  3. Close-mindedness
  4. Arrogance
  5. Over-aggressiveness
  6. Slander
  7. Insulting the Master
  8. Greed
  9. Aloofness
  10. Disrespect
Qi gong.Kungfu,Taijiquan Classes Infomation of Master Chen li sheng in 2018
1st-7th(One week)
8th-15th(One week)
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
TaiChi18 form
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
TaiChi36 form
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
TaiYi Five form fist
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
Dan (Alchemy) Sword
Taichi Internal
2018 Summer Cping date of July10-Aug.20, click for details:am
Taichi Internal
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
TaiChi36 form
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
XiaoYao Palm
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
TaiChi Sword 64 form
Taichi Internal
Five animals QiGong
XuanWu Stick
Taichi for Weekends
Monthly class
100days fundaments study
One Year
Three Years
Group study